SPECIAL POST: The Vintage Purse Gallery Gets a New Look

These are photos of our newly revamped gallery. We added shelving and moved some furniture around to make more room, but of course there's never enough!

Many of the purses in our collection feature little scenes on the front. This is why we call them portable works of art!

Two vintage bathing suits with coordinating raffia bags. The purse at right is newer, and was made out of an old souvenir linen by a talented craftsperson.

We've utilized old makeup cases and other pieces of vintage luggage to showcase some of the smaller purses and accessories in our collection. That's our mini-collection of magazine purses in front of the large steamer trunk. 

Box purses, Lucite and other early plastic purses, train-case style purses, craft stick purses, and much more!

Next to Faith the Mannequin is our mini-collection of carpet bags, placed inside a vintage round plaid suitcase.

Some difficult to categorize bags: alligator, armadillo, two wicker parasol purses, bucket bags, a real working phone briefcase-size purse, and a Sock-It-To-Me Laugh-In lunchbox.

Plastic covered bags.

Many of our wicker handbags made it onto our new shelves. Special thanks to our in-house contractor!

Up top: soft black knit and embellished bags - Center: Soure and Caron embellished purses - Below: our wooden box bag mini-collection. You might also have noticed our collection of "ribbon lady" or "ribbon doll" paper doll pictures in some of these photos. We have many of them, dating from the 1930s-1960s.

Kit purse collection and similar bags. This is where the madness started!

It's a tight fit, but these are actually categorized: Plasticflex, "phone" cord and other early plastic bags, Corde and handmade 1940s purses, beaded, Lumured, tapestry, needlepoint, convertible, evening, leather, vinyl, and more.

Did we mention that The Vintage Purse Gallery has a hat collection as well? Here are but a few. Behind them are some Jolles large-sized totes.

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