SPECIAL POST! 1940s Leather Bag - WWII Gift to Sweetheart with Love Letter and Provenance

This handbag arrived with a letter (which we requested) sharing a bit about *Tommy and his history.

Born in Missouri, "Tommy" was his nickname. He joined the Army Air Corps in early 1942 as a transportation officer and spent the end of 1942 in North Africa until his unit was sent to Italy after the Anzio invasion. In 1944, Tommy's unit went to England to support D-Day operations and other missions. He retired in 1971 from the US Air Force after achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. After his retirement, he was a legal consultant. Tommy passed away in 1987.

*We are very grateful to Tommy's relatives for providing this information and thrilled to have this beautiful token of love in our collection, but for privacy, we are not publishing his full name on our website.