Child's Novelty Penguin Purse

Plastic Purse with Needlepoint Medallion and Lucite Handle

Ivory Color Corde Style Box Bag

Large Beaded Tote with Peacock and Floral Motif

Sunglo by Siris Winking Eye Cosmetic Bag

1940s M. E. Products Crocheted Clutch with Lucite Pull

1965 Delill Orange Slice Coin Purse

1930s/1940s Hiawatha Tailored Handi-Bag

Lin-Bren Black Velvet Carryall

Royal Doulton The Old Balloon Seller Needlepoint Handbag

Fleurette Handbag with Silkscreen Painting and Bracelet Handle

1960s Garay Plastic-Covered Clutch