1950s Smokey Bear Child's Shoulder Bag

1900s Gold Metal Mesh Handbag

White Painted Wood Bead Handbag

Dar-Lin Wood Clutch with Cigarette Case, Powder Compact and Manufacturer Instructions

1960s Faux Pearl Evening Clutch

1960s Soure Large Size Circus Themed Handbag

Kurlerkitty Curler Bag - "Does She or Doesn't She?"

Blue Velvet Reticule with Beads and Monogram

1960s Cork and Gold Lame' Purse with Sequined Fish

1960s Courting Couple Tapestry Handbag

Lowy and Mund Spot-Lite Clutch with Coordinating Gloves and Newspaper Ad

Hopsack Tote with Needlepoint Initials

Enger-Kress Leather "Grab Bag" with Newspaper Ad

Whiting and Davis White Mesh Bag and Newspaper Ad

1950s Cylindrical Majestic Handbag