JR Florida Bicentennial Needlework Tote Purse

1970s Shoulder Bag with B.A.D. Monogram

Large Purse with Ancient Persian Scenes

1940s Pink and White Coil Cord Purse

1960s Siris Lenticular Eye Child's Mickey Mouse Change Purse

JR Florida, USA Tote with Velvet Pansies

1950s Ingber Leopard Print Handbag

1960s Asian Motif Tapestry Bag with Adjustable Goldtone Chain

Child's Fur and Doll Head Muff and Purse Set

Tiny Silk Purse

Jolles Original Poodle Purse

Pegie by the Sea Originals Purse with Blue Beverages

1970s USS Constitution Souvenir Purse

1960s Small Gold Box Bag Decorated with Trims

Micro-Beaded Drawstring Purse

1960s Owl Lenticular Eye Change Purse

1940s/1950s Photo of Woman Carrying Striped Purse

April 1949 Photo Woman at the Beach with Classic Handbag

Stylecraft Miami Marbleized Lucite Purse with Intials

Red and Black Beaded Flapper Drawstring Bag (Rough Shape)