Jolles Original Poodle Dog Purse

Child's Wicker Purse with Velvet Flowers

Dorset Fifth Avenue Egg Basket or Bird Cage Purse

SPECIAL POST! Huge Lot of Late 1940s/early 1950s Crocheted Kit Purses

Model T Shaped Handbag Holder

1950s Miss Teenager Train Case

Plasti-Mesh Red Plastic Tiles Clutch

1930s Celluloid and Silver Cigarette Holder

Teens to 1920s Small Beaded Bag

Hiawatha Bags and Accessories 1952 Catalog

Late 1940s/Early 1950s Metal Cage Purse with Brocade Fabric

Bags by Susan 1960s Faux Pearl Clutch/Change Purse

Lucite Purse with Basketweave Design

Faye Mell 1960s Poodle Tote Style Purse