Plastic Purse Mirror with Lipstick, Powder and Rouge

Kadin Pizza Parlor Purse

E.H. Condon Purse Post Card

Vintage Purse Ashtray by Stratton

Butterscotch Early Plastic Ilene Clutch with Rhinestone Bumblebees

Jefferson Memorial Change Purse with Plastic Rain Hat

Asian Motif Purse by Neptune

Pair of Homemade Hippie Style Velour Purses

Needlework and Plastic Purse with MOP-Style Hardware

JR USA Gold Lame Purse

Gary Gails Roadrunner Small Wooden Box Bag

Magid Hippie Era Shoulder Bag

Claire Fashions Plastic Covered Black Needlework Purse

Soure Bag with Lillian Albus Boutique Scene