1940s Weitz Plastics Tile Clutch

1940s Wood Purse with Accessories

Textured Box Purse with Metal Frame

Delill Tapestry Handbag with Faux Damascene Frame

Whiting & Davis Mother of Pearl Frame Mesh Bag

1940s Shell Pattern Crocheted Bag with Metal Frame and Chain

Crook Handle Leslie of Miami Box Bag

Beaded Edwardian Chatelaine Purse

Ponytail Doll Travel Case

JR USA Rooster Handbag

Plastic Coin Purse with Gold Leaves

Art Deco Whiting & Davis Enameled Mesh Bag

Midas of Miami Tower of The Americas Basket Bag

Enameled Purse Ashtray

Filigree and Plastic 1950s Handbag

Set of Tyrolean Alps Change Purses

Soure Bag with Three-Dimensional Matador Tapestry