SPECIAL POST! Crafty Kit Purses

Orange Beaded Evening Purse

1960s Horse Bucket Bag by Claire Fashions

Jerry Terrence Original Carpet Bag

Porcelain and Goldtone Purse Holders Marked Japan

Wooden Box Purse with Ribbon and Colonial Scene on Lucite Top

Tapestry and Gold Soure Bag

Faye Mell Tote with Appliqued Owl

Soure Bag with Jams Scene

Bosom Friend Jewelry/Money Holder

Trickettes Powder Compact

1960s Risque Key Chain Game

Ivory Beaded 1920s Purse

Purse Holder with Matchbox and Strike

Soure Bag with Trolley Car

Vintage Photo: Woman with Plastic Tile Clutch